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Corinne Loperfido is a true Renaissance woman who has always been driven to break boundaries and transcend social norms. Her skills span visual and performance art, fashion styling and costume design, community event production, women’s empowerment workshop facilitation and environmental activism. Her most recent projects include Trash Temple at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe and an ornate tiny home on wheels made from mostly reclaimed materials. In all areas of her work and life, Corinne focuses on using materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill in an effort to minimize her impact and inspire others to reconsider what we consider "trash."

Photo by Leone Julitte, Styling and Creative Direction by Corinne Loperfido

She created Pussy Power House in 2017 to host events and interactive art installations with and for other women. It is an ever expanding community of educators, healers, artists, and activists who have joined forces to present community events & interactive experiences promoting self expression, empowerment through sensual health and taking care of our earth.

Through costume design + wearable art, radically inclusive events, or one-on-one services as a decluttering doula or creative consultant, her goal is to help people overcome familial or societal guilt and shame so that they can live a more authentic life. Corinne believes in the importance of reclaiming our personal power through body literacy, self expression, and anti-consumerism.

Photo by Leone Julitte, Styling and Creative Direction by Corinne Loperfido

Corinne is currently based in Austin, Texas. Her motto comes from Socrates : “The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New.”

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