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Trash Temple @ Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM:

Trash Temple is an apology letter to the earth. A prayer to present and future generations to reevaluate our priorities and values. In a world plagued by over-consumption, greed, waste, and a disrespect of the natural world, Trash Temple invites the viewer to look deeper at their own participation in the System. From outdated cell phones to bottle caps and cheap plastic toys, the room is covered floor to ceiling with reliquaries made of discarded items; an homage to endless material accumulation and refuse.

Cut Paper Collages :
All collages are made by hand using old magazines and an xacto blade. No digital manipulation here.

Costume Design:
Most of the costumes you see here I made for myself for events and parades, but I am always taking custom orders for one of a kind pieces. Send me and email if you would like to have something made or see what I have available for rent.