Corinne is a true Renaissance woman who has always been driven to break boundaries and transcend social norms. Whether she’s making a piece of wearable art or producing an event, she lives to give people an eye-opening experience of new possibilities. She founded Pussy Power House in 2017, which is a community of women who have joined forces to promote self-love and personal expression through facilitating mindful events, workshops, and interactive group activities.

She spends much of her time in New Orleans where she is inspired by the year-round spirit of carnival and the vibrant costume culture of Mardi Gras.  When she first moved to New Orleans in 2011, she bagan throwing  events with Rusty Lazer, making costumes, teaching twerk-shops and touring the world as a dancer for NOLA Bounce rappers Big Freedia and Nicky Da B.

Whether it’s through costume design + wearable art, radically inclusive events, or one-on-one services as a personal stylist or creative director, her goal is to help people overcome familial or societal guilt and shame so that they can live a life of empowered self-expression. She believes that the reclaiming of our personal power through self love is a political act, and one that we should all engage in every day.

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”  - RuPaul

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