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Online Class:
Minimalism For Maximalists
WORLDWIDE via Patreon
January 1 - June 30, 2020


See the full list of past Pussy Power House events here. The following events below are all different concepts that I have developed over the years, and I bring them back from time to time. If you are interested in hosting one of these events at a festival or collaborating on one in your city or venue, please email me - I would love to talk about it!

Minimalism For Maximalists is a workshop about zero waste lifestyle, decluttering, and living happier with less. Tips, resources, and an open discussion about how we can all become steweards of the Earth and live in a more regererative way in harmony with the land.  More...
Va-Jay-Jay Day is a space for sexual empowerment, self health care knowledge, and an open platform for discussion about women’s issues. As women we are not given encourgement to gather alone together and talk about our bodies. We now have that space. More...
NEXT LEVEL pairs wearable artists with performance artists to create new avant garde experiences. Wearable artists set up pop up shops and performance artists bring their work to life through dance, music, projections, and movement. More.
A space for ALL self-identified women to be free and fully expressed at a dance party minus the unwanted advances, minus the booze - MINUS THE BOYS! Ladies are free to throw down without having to worry about driving drunk or fending off bros while dancing. More...
Free your mind and your ass will follow ;) A  shameless display of sexual liberation, BDHOBB brings people of all shapes, races, ages, and genders together for a cathartic climax. More...
A space for everyone to be free and fully expressed without the pressure to conform to the gender binary. It is an opportunity for radical acceptance and liberation. More...

I want to move away from social media selfie culture and reconnect with the present moment, with eachother, like we did before smart phones existed. You can expect to find my spaces radically inclusive, sexually liberated, surreal, unpredictable, punk rock, underground, emotional, mystical, androgynous, funny, shameless, vulgar and all for the sake of creating culture and community through empowerment and self expression. 

“Every event Corinne throws feels like you are in a movie or some fantastical story that none of your friends will believe.” -SB

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