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In a world rapidly expanding, our over-consumption and mismanagement of resources is destroying the Earth. In this course you will learn tips about how to transition towards a zero waste lifestyle and how you can benefit from it financially and emotionally while simultaneously improving your health and the environment! Minimalism isn't about having an all white simple and sparse space, it is about figuring out your own unique aesthetic and having only what you actually need and love, and responsibly letting go of the rest.

This course will provide practical resources and information about how to shop smarter for food, clothes, and "products", how to be happier with less, and how to ethically declutter. You will learn what you can do personally to lessen your environmental footprint, deal with emotional attachment to objects and how improving these aspects relates to all areas of your well-being. There will be an emphasis on learning how to declutter, as well as taking a closer look at *why* it is that we end up with a never-ending stream of "stuff" coming into our lives. Analyzing everything you have and learning how to say "no" to more things allows you to get the most out of what you already own, and gives you the confidence to let go more freely.

By the end of the course, people will have a deeper understanding of their buying habits and how these habits are related to every aspect of their life and health. Through sharing our experiences on how we are each doing our part on the bi-weekly check ins, we will inspire each other to do even better and create a community of support by shifting away from disposable culture and into a more regenerative future!

Course includes :

  • Weekly resources (podcasts, TEDtalks, books, websites, instagrams)
  • Homework exercises (journaling, personal habits observations, field trips)
  • How-To videos by me
  • A bi-weekly video chat for asking questions and group check-in

You will learn how to :

  • Understand your needs vs wants
  • Create healthier, Earth-friendly habits
  • Declutter your life and significantly minimize your personal waste
  • Live happier with less stuff

How it works :

My course on Patreon is a place to learn for yourself and also get support from everyone else out there who is doing the course, too! Each Wednesday morning for 6 months, you would be receiving an email with that week's homework, resources, videos, and tips. Every other week on Wednesday at 8pm CST I will be doing a live video check in for one hour where I will come on to answer questions and we can get together and share about what we're learning. {Time subject to change, I am open to suggestions, maybe we’ll take a vote on Jan 1 to see when most people want to have the check in. We are all in this together!}

In order to make this information available to the maximum number of people and still get compensated for the time and energy I am putting into this course, I have set up a sliding scale pricing system where anyone who signs up to give $20 - 200 per month by January 1st will get access to the course. I am leaving it up to the individual to contribute an amount that is somewhere between what they think the course is worth, and what they can afford.

It has been a challenge trying to figure out the best method of monetary exchange for a class about anti-capitalism, while also being forced to operate within the capitalist system. I decided on Patreon because this platform will keep the door open for continued learning and more online classes as I move away from "selling products" (headpieces, jewelry, costumes) and focus my energy on what really matters most to the Earth right now - waking people up to our misuse of natural resources and providing solutions and easy steps on how to empower ourselves with skills and knowledge to create the kind of change we need to see happen.

I am always open to suggestions and want this course to be as useful to people as possible, so please share your thoughts and ideas so I can know what people are hungry for.

Course Outline

Food + Kitchen
  • Preparing Your Kit
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Rethinking Food
  • "Trash" + "Recycling"

“Stuff” + Decluttering
  • All the “Stuff”
  • Closet
  • Papers
  • Technology

Bathroom + Products
  • Hygiene
  • “Beauty”
  • Toilet Talk
  • Menstruation

What students are saying:

I attended Corinne’s Zero Waste Class because I want to take more responsibility and stop living in denial around the actions I take and how they impact the planet. This has been important to me for a while, but I felt I had plateau-ed on my own and was looking for new ways to take agency. Corinne’s class was FULL of useful information and very practical recommendations for reducing waste in daily life. From small steps to large, she presented a wide spectrum of helpful tips. What I loved most is that I was able to take action beginning that very day. In the last month or so since her class, my partner and I have made so many small changes that have not only reduced the waste we create significantly, but saved money, and decreased our exposure to endocrine disrupting toxins like those in plastic. I’m so grateful for the new information I learned, how it has transformed my life, and to Corinne for offering such a necessary class.
- Alyssa A

"I like to call Corinne the Compassionate Unvelier. She lovingly supports people to remove the veils in their life in order to see themselves and the world more authentically. Her enthusiastic Virgo organizational powers made my physical closet shine, and my internal closet burst with new joy. Corinne helped me begin my Zero Waste journey with a creative spirit and inspired a revolution in my life of REALLY loving all that I own while better understanding what I ACTUALLY need."
-Clairey S

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