Personal Styling

Visit my personal styling website to learn more about what I offer and how I can help you with your own style.

I have always been a person with a love for the unconventional and strongly desired to make a statement through the way in which I present myself to the world. When I was growing up, my mother would often make me change out of my outlandish outfits before I would head off to school. In hindsight, I know she was looking out for me, but I just wanted to let the bubbly and creative personality inside adorn my body on the outside. 
When I visit a client’s home for a closet cleaning, we talk about what their goals are, who they have been and where they want to go in their life. Then we investigate their closet to see how the clothing they wear truly reflects the person that they are (and aspire to be) on the inside.

My greatest desire is to see you shine 
and wake up every day
 feeling excited about going out into the world

It brings me great joy to learn about and connect with people. The process of personal wardrobe styling is a form of therapy and a wonderfully cathartic experience. I feel so fulfilled when I get to see the happiness of a transformed individual!
My belief is that feeling good about the way one looks, no matter how flamboyant or simple ones tastes might be is deeply connected to their feelings of self worth. I work with people of all genders, races, shapes, and sizes and have a broad understanding of style which spans the spectrum of fashion. My experiences of being told that I couldn’t look how I wanted to as a young person have lead me down this path of extreme self expression in my adult life and I want to share that joy with others!

Visit my personal styling site to read more about what I offer and how I can help you with your own style.