Pretty Witches : A Ladies Only No Alcohol Dance Party

Pretty Witches is a space for women of all types to be free and full expressed without having to worry about being pursued, stared at, or approached while getting into it on the dance floor. We need a space to throw down just because we love dancing, but don't always like to be in environments where most people in the room are drunk and trying to get laid. This party is about GOOD booty poppin' super fun dance music, HEALTHY drinks, and a POSITIVE and safe environment for women to be freaky as they wanna be without having to be think about driving drunk or thwarting away unsavory characters trying to get a piece.

You can expect to find:

Booty music, sexy babes dancing for themselves, healthy drinks and snacks, open pole for anyone to dance on, twerk madness...

Past Events:

January 15, 2016 : Austin, TX
January 23, 2016 : Los Angles, CA
March 4, 2016 : Austin, TX
March 11, 2016 : Los Angeles, CA
April 19, 2016 : San Francisco, CA
October 20, 2016 : Austin, TX

Pretty Witches : A$$es Poppin' from Corinne Loperfido on Vimeo

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