Va-Jay-Jay Day

Va-Jay-Jay Day is an educational and community building event based on the topic of pussy, wombs, menstruation, fertility and the internal reproductive system. Our intention for this event is to talk openly and specifically about the anatomy of the cunt. We are gathering around the common experience of having bodies that were assigned female at birth, regardless of gender identity.

After thousands of years of womb shaming we are calling in a safe and private space to speak about our anatomy with others who share our experience. Va-Jay-Jay Day is a place to go deep and to heal while celebrating that fact that we have the most glorious life force and we deserve to know how to use it <3

You can expect to find:

Vulva Casting, Yoni Steaming, Pussy Portraits, Vajazzle Photobooth, Cervical Self Exams, Squirting Lessons, Yoni Eggs, Tanta Talks, Sex Toys, Pussy themed jewelry + art...

Check out our past Facebook events to see what kind of workshops, services, vendors, and discussions we are having:

Past Events:

August 14, 2016 : Austin, TX
October 16, 2016 : Austin, TX
November 6, 2016 : Los Angeles, CA
November 20, 2016 : Portland, OR
January 29, 2017: Oakland, CA
February 5, 2017: Nevada City, CA
May 21, 2017 : Portland, OR

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